Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Huzzah! 2014 Resolution Complete!

Well, I am now officially part of not one, but two Blog Networks/Exchanges!

Thank you Natfka at Faeit 212 and the group at Tale of Painters for adding me to your respective blog lists. I now have much more impetus to put out useful content now... and I guess this means I can now stop having conversations with myself and my loyal group of "Team Edward" referral bots!

Next step is to put together a decent light box set up for future photography taking - I am quite underwhelmed at the photo quality of the first part of my Step-by-Step tutorial, and will try to get a better solution before I do any more tutorial work.

With that, I'm out!  40k Fist Bump!

Searched for "40k Fist Bump" in Google Images. Got this pic. The Internets are so cruel.

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