Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Hive Fleet Name-a-thon!

With the new Tyranid Codex coming out in a few short days, I have decided to take the plunge and put together a proper Hive Fleet. I will get my hands on the new Swarm box, as well as a Harpy/Hive Crone kit. This, coupled with the Hive Tyrant kit and box of 12 Termigants I already own, will should give me roughly 1000pts of "naked" units to work with, and likely pushing around 1250-1300 after upgrades.

To make it an even 1500 points, I will add another Monstrous Creature, likely a Tervigon but will depend on how the rules look post-Codex release.

When envisioning my future Hive Fleet, I wasn't really planning on using hormagaunts at all, but with the price of the Swarm box being so good I figure I can't go wrong... Plus, my other main army (Grey Knights) is an elite, low model-count force, and after thinking about it I feel that a swarm army may be a good contrast.

Now, on to the important (and fun) parts: naming the Hive Fleet, and picking a colour scheme!

Trying to keep with the same naming convention that GW has used (large, monstrous, mythical names), I did a bit of searching online and put together a list. It also contains a few names drawn from my past RPG addictions (mainly Final Fantasy)

The Runners Up:
   H.F. Zeromus
   H.F. Bahamut
   H.F. Tiamat
   H.F. Cerberus
   H.F. Manticore
   H.F. Wyvern
   H.F. Ourobouros

The Finalists:
   H.F. Ceryx - in Greek mythology, he was a son of Hermes, and a herald, or messenger of the Gods. I figure my Hive Fleet would be a herald of doom for all that stand in its path, so the name fit the bill. Plus Ceryx sounds way tougher than a piddly son of Hermes.
   H.F. Porphyrion - in Greek mythology, he was considered the King of the Giants. The name also sounds cool and brings up imagery of burning and conflagration.
   H.F. Orochi - The 8-headed and 8-tailed serpent in Japanese myth, similar to the "Hydra" in Greek mythology. Again, just a cool name for a possible Hive Fleet.

The Winner:
   Hive Fleet ?!?!?!

At this point, I simply cannot make up my mind, but am happy to have whittled it down to only 3 choices. Ultimately my choice will depend on a few things, most importantly the colour scheme I will decide to go with. I have a few ideas, but will leave that for another post. That's it for now, hopefully I will go get and get some painting under my belt - haven't touched a brush in 2 weeks!

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