Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 has Arrived! New Year, New Start.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well, recently I started implementing a few changes to the blog, changes that will allow me some more freedom to interact with the community as a whole. I am in the process of setting up a new google+ account, whatever that is. This will involve porting all my pictures to date to the new account, and then re-uploading them to each post. Not a fun way to spend a free night...

My intention is to start signing up to other blog alliances, which should give me more exposure to the gaming community. According to Blogger, my biggest source of traffic is currently (? Not really sure what that's about - I accidentally clicked on the link but it looked scary so I closed the window stat. How stat? Vampire stat.) so hopefully this will change soon, I don't think the people clicking through from are getting the content they are looking for...

So I guess that's my big resolution for the New Year, one I hope to achieve very early on. On the topic of resolutions, here are some more gaming-related resolutions for me:
  1. Play your first game. Any game.
  2. Stop wanting to buy every new shiny thing that comes out.
  3. Be more dedicated to completing your painting/modelling goals.
  4. See 2). Seriously!
  5. Fail miserably at 2) by purchasing the new Tyranid Codex + enough to have a 1500pt starter army.
Ultimately, I hope this year will be more productive than 2013, with my big "goal" being to finish painting my Grey Knights army. I think this is very doable, provided I don't get distracted too often. Inspired by another blog out there (did not write it down, sorry!) I have created a Project Goal section on my main page that will serve as a guidepost for my progress. As I complete sections of each project I will cross them off, which will be more satisfying to me than it sounds written down.

In any case, I hope to have lots more updates soon, as the holidays are behind us and I get back into my routine!

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