Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hive Fleet Ceryx - 1500pt list

The last few days that I've had off have been predominantly spent putting together the massive pile of sprues I now own for my new Hive Fleet.

So far I have put together 12 devilgants, and have clipped and cleaned my Tyrant & Carnifex. I will be magnetizing some of the options for my Monstrous Creatures, so progress beyond this point will be slow. In any case, I hope to have my army assembled and ready for prime spray-painting season (aka spring).
I thought a lot about my initial 1500pt list for Hive Fleet Ceryx, after reading the 6th Ed codex and lots of reviews and first impressions online. I came up with the list below, which should be a good starting point and hopefully a well-rounded list.

Warning: Dramatization, may not be as fearsome as depicted.

  1. Hive Tyrant (Wings, Dual TL Devourers w/ Brainleech Worms, Hive Commander)
  1. Hormagaunts (x20)
  2. Hormagaunts (x20)
  3. Termigants (x30, x18 w/ Flesh borer, x12 w/ Devourers
  4. Tervigon
  1. Zoanthrope (x1)
  2. Zoanthrope (x1)
  3. Zoanthrope (x1)
Fast Attack:
  1. Gargoyles (x10)
  2. Hive Crone
Heavy Support:
  1. Carnifex (x1, Dual TL Devourers w/ Brainleech Worms)
  2. Mawloc (x1)

Total: 1468

This leaves 32 points left for upgrades, which I have not decided on yet. In this configuration, it gives me 5 synapse nodes which I feel is quite adequate for 1500pts. I could collapse 2 of the zoan broods into 1 for more survivability, but I feel this would be situational.

Strategy wise, the 2 FMCs would be pretty aggressive, likely in tandem with the gargoyle brood (unless facing an army with lots of sky fire) to throw the enemy off balance. The tervigon would Outflank using Hive Commander, while at least one brood of hormagaunts runs up the board with the carnifex. The termigant brood (and possibly the other hormagaunt brood) would remain mid-back field, and the Mawloc will hopefully be my ace in the hole (no pun intended).

In general I feel that this list needs to be played somewhat aggressively, hopefully taking priority away from the zoanthropes who are quarterbacking the main force. I do feel that 5 MCs at this point level will be distracting for most opponents. I don't know how effective this list will be, and it will be a while before this list can be put to the test. It was not designed with competitiveness as a priority, but rather a mix of unit types and models which appeal to me the most.

I have yet to purchase the Crone and the Zoans, but will likely be proxying the new Warriors for the zoans due to my general dislike for Finecast and my sneaking suspicion that they WILL release a plastic zoan kit in the forseeable future... and I love me my plastics.

That's it for now!

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