Thursday, May 23, 2013

Current Work #3 (Rhino)

After a productive day of painting I can comfortably say that the interior of my Rhino is done!

Of course, after I say this, I can UN-comfortably clarify that it is done to the point where I can glue it together so as to start the exterior. I still have the 2 top hatches to finish up, which is not more than a bit of shading and highlighting the boltgun metal. Also, I will likely add a few decorations from my blitz kit to make the interior a bit more Grey Knights-y. (More pics after the jump)

I am quite pleased with the overall quality, considering I am still very new at many of these techniques. 

Things to improve on: 

1) OSL -  for some reason, when I first tried OSL on my Grey Knight, it worked awesome. This time I was struggling to get the same effect. I think a blue light on red is particularly difficult, and I may need to invest in some purples and violets, paint-wise. I thought the red light on boltgun would be easy but I struggled with that one as well... I could have used more than one shade of red, but I was getting a bit fed up and decided to leave it. Maybe I'll go back and add a bit more colour depth.

2) Blending - better than I expected, but still a ways to go. Really struggled on the doors, and even the boltgun was giving me issues. I think I need to work on paint consistency as well - the wet palette and/or glaze medium help, but still not comfortable with them yet.

3) Patience - I get tired of doing layer after layer, and I need to commit more... Some areas could use more attention, but I couldn't be bothered at the time.

4) Pace - I am turtle-slow at painting... Getting better, but wow am I slow...

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