Thursday, May 09, 2013

Introduction (Part 1: Introduction to the Introduction)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the inaugural post of my first experiment in blogging. I have created this blog as a point of focus for my various hobby gaming interests. I don't actually expect many people to end up following my blog (at least not until I have something tangible to show for my grandiose ideas), but will nonetheless try to keep it interesting for the poor souls that wander in unexpectedly.

First, a bit about me, in the context of the hobby at least. I am relatively new to the hobby, although my interest spans back quite a few years. About 18 years ago, I got my first real look at the hobby when I picked up a unit of WHFB Empire Pikemen (or something similar) to use as pieces for a board game project in 6th grade.

I was fascinated with the detail in the models and the potential to make them look even cooler with an awesome paint job. Although I considered myself fairly artistically inclined in those days, try as I may I simply could not understand my complete inability to replicate anything remotely resembling the paint quality depicted on the box (Hint: I was using bottom-of-the-barrel brushes and old Testors paint applied without a primer).

This setback, combined with my predilection for getting easily distracted by other shiny things, brought a fairly hasty end to this superficial initial foray into hobby gaming - a toe dip, if you can even call it that. This absence would last about 3 years, when I found myself in a new school with new friends...

(to be continued...)

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