Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's never too late for an update?

Well, life has kind of gotten away from me since my last update. A lot has happened since then, some family issues, a new job and issues with that, some more family issues, and here we are in October.

That said, I had a fair amount of hobby time, which I tried to use pretty wisely, I have not had any motivation to post. However, now I am on vacation and my wife is watching last year's Nigella's Christmas Special with her friend, so I have some time to kill.

(I am posting this via the Blogger app on my phone, so I have no access to fancy editing).

Last time, I had left a sneak peek of a Ripper base. Well, those are done:

This got me motivated to keep working on Tyranids, leading to this:

That's right, a whopping 10 out of 40 Hormagaunts are done! This wasn't on my annual to-do list, but I am happy to see my main army taking form. I am also really happy with my bases - simple yet make the models stand out well.

Rather than going back to my to-do list, I decided to go on a big tangent and work on my gaming table. When my FLGS posted that they were getting FATmats in, I took the plunge. I have no pictures, but I got the Urban Combat one, along with two 6'x2.5' folding tables from Costco. Of course, once I had this, I felt I needed to round out my actual terrain.

Starting with these:

I decided to turn 3 into generic "rock" terrain and 2 into more thematically-appropriate rubble bases. Even though the rock terrain won't really go with the Urban FATmat, I needed something. So we end up with something that looks like this:

For my rubble terrain I added some cement slabs, loads of brick-like rubble, pipes and rebar bits, some plasticard I-beams. I did start painting them, but like everything else, I got distracted:

Yep, you can see one of the WIP rubble terrain pieces in the background, but I did complete my set of Objective Markers, because why not?? Not sure if I love the rainbow colours, but hopefully they will be easy to tell apart.

Finally, one would think that at this point I would settle down and back to my planned to-do list, but no. I decided my Grey Knights needed a bit of attention:

Yep, I started my Dreadknight... These pictures are actually old, I have since basically finished the leg portion and am starting on the torso.

So that about does it... I hope to have the Dreadknight done before Christmas, but we shall see how much time I have from now until then.

Hopefully I will update a bit more frequently going forward. I am really tempted to buy new kits, but am so far keeping my obsessiveness in check. 

Also, I need to update my to-do list, as I have decided to opt out of getting a Airbrush kit... I don't think I would get too much use out of it, and the $500 would be better spent on other hobby stuff!

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  1. Lovin the nids! That scheme looks great on the other bugs. Glad to see you are ok and chugging along in life!