Thursday, June 25, 2015

Surprise Picture Attack!


Forgot some edge highlights and cleaning up the base, but my first test model for Hive Fleet Ceryx is otherwise complete!!

For comparison, this was my reference:

And a shout out to iPaint on Warseer for his impressive scheme which I borrowed the Maw colouring and Bone technique:

I will eventually post my ratios for future reference, but as this is a surprise ambush post, I must be in and out like a ninja!



  1. Wow it's an alladin post explosion! I hated painting rippers. Thus anytime I see nice rippers like yours, I applaud. *Clap Clap Clap*

  2. Thank you kindly. I guess when I am doing 5 bases at a time I will have less patience. But overall I am quite pleased with this first small step.

    As for my posting, I have another 2-3 posts in the wings... Just need to find the time!