Saturday, May 28, 2016

Long overdue Update

Well, 8 months seem to go by quickly when life gets in the way. As alluded to in my previous post, there have been lots of things in the background that have taken a lot of my focus away from the hobby. Some good (I am now a new dad) and some not so good (My father's ongoing struggle with cancer). The end result is much less time to devote to hobby-related activities. Unfortunately, my blog has been hardest hit, with me preferring to spend my precious time mainly on painting.

Now that I am up at all hours hanging out with my wife as she feeds baby, I figure I can get some blogging done. Therefore, I have some completed work to show! 

The first project I completed since getting back into things has been the rest of my Inquisiton models. I had picked these up years ago as part of my Grey Knights army, only to have them stripped away from the Codex, along with my Assassin. 

I don't have a good picture of them unfortunately, but enough to get a good idea:

The job was 2 Servitors, 2 Crusaders and Coteaz.

Next I went back to my Dreadknight, which I had started back in the fall. I am quite happy with how he turned out, and found out I much prefer painting the large centrepiece models, if only because they tend to have less tiny little details that have to be picked out over and over again (like on a 5-man Strike Squad box).

I took pics of him in my ghetto light box, making them slightly better than the one above:

I am quite happy with how he turned out. I played with some newer formulas for the golds in particular, and feel they look a bit more natural than my previous method.

From my original batch of GKs, I still have to finish my Rhino and 5 Paladins. My goal for the year is to get, at a minimum, those two completed. Of course, what did I do after I finished my Dreadknight? Buy 15 more Strike Squad GKs, 10 Terminators, a Storm Raven, and the Betrayal of Calth box to eventually start my Alpha Legion 30k. Then, instead of opening any of those kits, or start on the two projects listed above, I tackled 10 more Hormagaunts, which are currently a work in progress. Ahh well as long as I am doing something... (Doesn't make it better knowing I also want to pick up a IK Renegades box, along with a Shrine of the Aquila terrain and a set of the new Armoured Containers to round out my terrain collection once and for all...)

My next post will outline the paint formulas for my Nids, and then I will update some other posts with paint formulas that I have been meaning to put on here for posterity.

This may take another 8 months, but hey, if it does I should have a few more models completed to showcase. Until then!

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