Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alladin's "Step-by-Step" #1: Grey Knight Strike Squad (pt.8)

Unlike the spectacle of my previous post, I will *really* try and keep this one short and sweet. Here we go. THIS IS A PICTURE OF GOLD SHADING AND MID-TONES:

The I applied the formula below to areas which I felt could use a bit more definition (see the halberd and the shoulder-pad in the picture above). The picture does not do it a lot of justice, but getting metallics to behave on camera is always difficult. FORMULA:

Gold Shading Wash:
1 :  1  :  2   -   Sepia Shade: Black Shade : Magic Wash

The next step was the gold "mid-tones." This was a bit tricky, due to the fact that it is really hard to blend metallics, and I am incredibly lazy to do so even if I wanted to. Instead, I mixed VGC Polished Gold with Brassy Brass, which was a bit too Gold and not enough brass for my liking. Formula below:

Gold Midtones:
1 :  1  :  2   -   Polished Gold: Brassy Brass : Magic Wash

If one wanted to do a proper shade, they would have to include an intermediate later (with more Brassy Brass) prior to the layer above. Then they would have to do another intermediate later (with more Polished Gold), followed by straight Polished Gold, followed by a Silver edge highlight.

I won't bother with the two intermediate layers, because of aforementioned laziness, and because I am simply not that crazy. If this was a HQ unit, I definitely would, but not here, and not now.

Instead, I plan on a quick highlight with straight Polished Gold (diluted of course), then a Silver edge highlight which will be applied quite sparingly.

I also used this Midtone layer to do all the rivets in gold. (Clarification: Only the rivets located on Blue areas were done in gold, all the rivets on the Gunmetal parts will remain silver, with a highlight of course).

That's it for this step. Next is the white midtones and highlights.

This step took 1 hour, 50 minutes over 2 painting sessions.

The white "midtones" were a pain in the ass, especially my Justicar's Halberd. I think I put down 15 layers on it. I used the same formula as before, copied below:

White Midtones:
1 :  1  :  2   -   Dead White : Glacier Blue : Magic Wash

I then followed up with my red midtone. I went over all the wax seals, hitting the higher bits, and then the Stormbolter on my one Strike Squad member. As before, I tried to focus on areas that I thought would be lit up, or just went with whatever looked the most appealing. The formula is below:

Red Midtone
1 :  1   -   Gory Red : Magic Wash

I wanted to get my Reds complete, so the next step was my Red Highlight. I used this sparingly, and probably could have gone a bit more dilute to give a better blend. The formula is below:

Red Highlight
1 :  1   -   Bloody Red : Magic Wash

The VGC Bloody Red looks almost like a pink, but it blends well with the other reds beneath the layer to create a decently bright red. If you go dilute, a few layers will be necessary. I learned my lesson with the blues, which I will discuss later. Finally, I did my Red Edge Highlights. Formula Below:

Red Edge Highlight
1 :  1  :  1   -   Gory Red : Sunblast Yellow : Magic Wash

This actually turns it into an Orange, but if used sparingly I feel it adds a good dimension to the model. My VGC Sunblast is completely destroyed, and so I ended up with little orange "bits" as I was too lazy to try and go buy another bottle today. This kind of sucks, but I really want these guys done, and it's not terribly noticeable. That said, I will be tossing this bottle out ASAP. See picture below!

That concludes the Red family of colours. Forever. (Not really)

This step took 3 hours over 3 painting sessions.

As I am now getting into the nitty gritty, these are becoming longer posts with fewer "big" visible changes. I will stop here.

Total Painting Time for Part 8: 4 hours, 50 minutes over 5 painting sessions. 

Total Painting Time to date: 39 hours, 25 minutes over 32 painting sessions.


I really feel that I am getting closer and closer to completion, but the OSL and Force Weapons will be a time sink. I was hoping to finish these up under the 50 hour mark, but that is not going to be likely! Ahh well. 

For Part 9, I will be doing some final highlights/touching up the parchment and the whites, as well as finishing the blues for the Purifiers. These are already completed, I just need the time to upload pics and type it all out! I will also likely try and finish the Metallic and Gold highlights, leaving only the OSL/Force to do for Part 10. This has been quite a journey...

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