Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Hobby Resolutions

This post comes a bit late in the year, but most of my effort is being put toward finishing up my current batch of Grey Knights. 

I wanted to make a hobby road-map of sorts for 2015, as I have a ridiculous amount of small (and not-so-small) projects lying around from 2013 and 2014, and clearly not enough focus to complete much of anything.

My intention is to keep it short, and focus on a few things at once so I don't get distracted. Additionally, I will associate the completion of certain landmarks on my road-map with incentives, typically the purchase of new kits or other hobby-related stuff.

So, without further ado, the list:

Phase 1:
  • Complete painting 5x Grey Knights
  • Complete painting Vindicare Assassin & Jokaero Weaponsmith
  • Finish plasticard rock basing for the remainder of my Tyranids (+ 5 GKs)
  • Finish putting together 5 GKs
  • Finish Magnetizing odds/ends of my Tyranids

Reward: Hive Tyrant kit

I hate to follow the masses, but this is the simplest way to eventually get myself in the Win column.

Phase 2:
  • Varnish my completed GK miniatures
  • Add basing grass tufts to varnished miniatures
  • Build Tyrant to level of completion of remaining army
  • Glue sand/pebbles to all of my Tyranid Bases
  • Glue sand/pebbles to my styrofoam hills
  • Paint my 6 Rippers to completion & varnish

Reward: Tyranid Tyrannocyte kit

The problem will be transporting this guy...

Phase 3:
  • Paint my 2 Crusaders
  • Build my Tyrannocyte to level of completion of remaining Tyranids
  • Paint my 2 Servitors
  • Paint my 5 Psykers
  • Finish basing my Sector Imperialis building so that it is ready to paint
  • Finish basing outlines for remainder of my ruins

Reward: Grex Tritium Airbrush Kit. 

Oh yes. It will be mine.

This is my very own Holy Grail of Rewards for 2015 - it will help tremendously with my Tyranids, as well as all the terrain I have in various stages of completeness. Once I get to this point, I will re-evaluate my priorities and make up a new list, which will likely be along the lines of "airbrush EVERYTHING."

I feel I am being quite ambitious, at least based on my 2014 output, but am confident in my new-found hobby mojo, and am hoping to have the Airbrush in my hands sometime in the summer, so I have a few months of playing around before the weather kicks me out of my garage.

Alright, that's it for this post!


  1. I like your reward system :). I'd push the airbrush up higher though, so you can start using it sooner. But that is just me :).

    Also when you order one (chicago airbrush sometimes has 20% off and free shipping btw,...unless you aren't in the states then ignore me).

    Order at least one extra needle.

    I used my airbrush for a whopping 15 minutes before I fishhooked the end of my needle due to my own ignorance. Having a spare is nice :).

    1. If I pushed it up higher it wouldn't be a very helpful reward system!!

      I figure this way I will be REALLY motivated to finish Phase 3. :)

      Yeah I am in Canada so no luck there. I should be able to swing 10% off al my FLGS which carries them.

      Good call about the needle. I was gonna get some more but different sizes from the standard, then play around until I decide which size I M most comfortable with as my "standard."

      And yeah, your cautionary tale sounds like something I would do, so good tip!