Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Well, once again I have been delinquent in maintaining this dusty space in the corner of the attic of the internet.

I will blame the recent deluge of Tyranid releases, which had rendered me unable to speak, type or otherwise function as a normal human being. I always suspected a Zoan/Venom kit was in the works, but I didn't dare to dream that it would come out so soon after the Codex wave of new kits. Sadly, now my stand-in Zoan Warriors can be ripped off their tiny styrofoam pedestals and used as actual Warriors, otherwise known as "never."

Hello ladies, how YOU doin?

 Of course, this means an extra expenditure of money which I was not planning to make, but the models are so yummy delicious that GW has not given me a bloody choice in the matter.

...as for the Neurothrope, Tyrannocyte, and Toxicrene/Uselesseptor, these are all just ichor icing on the biomass cake. I started Tyranids with the new codex, so the loss of Mycetic Spores and Doom never really hit me as hard as others, but nonetheless I am excited to see them both "back" in their new forms. I will definitely pick up a Tyrannocyte down the road, and as for the other new kit, as cool as the Toxicrene looks, I am still not sold on it, compared to a Exocrine. A close combat monster delivered via pod sounds like more fun to play, of course, but I can always pod in my Carnifex and keep my Exocrine in the back. Regardless, the fact that we actually have choices now is enough to make me happy.

Today I plan on popping into my my FLGS and pre-ordering a box of Zoans for next week, and maybe, if I am lucky, schedule a low-points introductory game for next week. Part of my resolutions was to play at least one tabletop game this year, and time is running out!

As for the other side of things, I have also been squeezing in a bit of painting from time to time, which will be outlined in the next blog post. Yes, two in one day!

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