Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alladin's Morning Coffee Musings #6 - Alladin's State of the Hobby Union Address, plus Random Pictures of Doors!

I haven't done one of these in a while, and though my coffee is now thoroughly stone-cold, I think it still technically qualifies.

Notice: Above-mentioned coffee looks nothing like this.
Forwarning: This may be a long one...

Lately I have been thinking about my hobby habits, and how I relegate my free time towards my interests in general. I must say that I feel quite lucky to have a job that allows me 2-3 full days off during the week (plus every other weekend as well), which provides me with an abundance of time to explore my interests.

I spend a fair amount of time surfing the webs for hobby-related content, whether it be rumour & news sites, painting blogs, tactica, or other general hobby blogs similar to my own. When I stumble upon a particularly productive person's blog, and see huge fully-painted armies (some at a very high standard, no less), I wonder how much time other people must invest into the hobby to achieve such results. 

I do know that many people have been in the hobby for many years, and their body of work will naturally reflect that. I also know that I have been very delinquent in keeping up on my painting, and further to that point, I know that I spend way more time than I should painting my miniatures. However, I see examples where people have put together a brand new, 1750-pt (or whatever) full army, assembled, based, painted, etc., in time for a tournament that was a few meager months away. Sure, the end result quality-wise may not be up to my standard (not that I feel my standard is amazing, but I do aim for above-average tabletop quality), but in a lot of cases, they still look damn good, at least from what the pictures show.

I guess some people are more involved in this hobby than I am, which is fine (and, admittedly, quite admirable, since I can barely sit around for a 2 hour painting session at a time). However, I assume that the average person in the hobby must have other interests besides the hobby itself, whether its TV, movies, video games, or anything else that diverts their time elsewhere. I know I sure do. Am I wrong in this assumption? Do other hobbyists have the ability to bend the space-time continuum to their wills, allowing them to accomplish seemingly super-human feats of productivity while I struggle with the constraints of a 24 hour day? Is there anyone out there? Perhaps I am a bit ADD in this regard, I don't know. I just do not have as singular a focus as others seemingly do. And this, combined with my glacially slow painting speeds, sometimes bums me out. Just a bit.

At this rate, my GK army (which, after the new codex, isn't even really a GK army but a 30/70-ish Unbound Inquisition/GK split) won't be complete until 2018, and that doesn't include buying more kits to turn it into a legal army. I sincerely hope this is not the case, and lately I have had way more motivation to paint so I aim to keep plugging away and get 'er done sometime next year. Anyway, yadda yadda yadda I need more focus. End of topic.

In other (more positive news), it looks as if I may be in line to actually play a game by year's end! The owner of the FLGS that I frequent hooked me up with another new player who is looking to find other gamers, so we touched base and will try and meet up for a game. Tyranids vs Orks, should be fun until someone drowns under the weight of all the dice that are required. Actually playing a game of 40k was one of my hobby-related resolutions for this year, so while it took me almost 12 months to set it up, I may actually be able to cross that off my list.

WARNING: Not a Door
In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my random Greek Door-and-Door-Related pictures, which clearly are intricately tied to the content of my post. Hopefully I will find time today to stop into my FLGS and pick up some blue paint so I can continue on with my painting instead of rambling on here like a crazy person.

I shoot horizontally, too!

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