Thursday, September 12, 2013

Imperial Sector WIP #1

As promised, here are some WIP shots of my buildings. I spent a lot of time searching other people's creations to get inspiration - there are lots of amazing projects out there!

My goal was to create a good variety of pieces, and have some that can be used in a modular fashion to add variety to the tabletop. The shots below showcase the basic skeleton of each building - I plan on adding lots of debris and rubble, as well as some bits such as discarded weapons, etc.

Eventually I will mount each piece on hardboard for stability and to delineate area terrain if it is used as such.

Sanctum Imperialis:

This building set came with 3 Sprues which I used to make 2 buildings. The main building closely mimics the "standard" template for the Sanctum, with a few minor changes. I wanted to give this building a more substantial second floor, as well as putting few windows on the main floor to block line of sight.

The smaller building was created painstakingly with some greenstuff to create the 45-degree angles. It reminded me how piss-poor I am at using greenstuff, and the interior joints will have to be covered with some girder bitz provided by the kits. That said, I do like how it turned out, and the fact that its entrance is on an angle to the rest of the buildings will hopefully add some character to my city.

Basilica Administratum:

The box comes with 4 sprues, and I decided to make 2 "tall" buildings. After planning it out, I realized a 4-story building may be too tall to store, so I decided to make it modular instead, allowing me to use them as 2 tall buildings or 1 tall and 2 medium buildings. To create this I simply added 3 pins to the lower structure and made corresponding holes to the upper structure.

To give credit where it is due, I was inspired by another blog Warhammer in Progress, where the Basilica buildinges were joined by a walkway. I didn't want this to be a permanent fixture, however, giving me further flexibility. The kit comes with a lot of wall panels - the most of the 3 kits, and to stretch it even further I turned 2 "undamaged" pieces in to 4 "damaged" pieces. The effect worked well and gave me a bit more to work with.


The final part of the Imperial Sector were 2 Manufactorum sprues. Here, I didn't do anything too fancy (it was actually the first kit I put together). However, I did want more than just 1 building out of this kit, so I created a small corner section. The kit also came with plenty of Manufactorum half-wall bits, so I used the remainders to create a small barrier.

That's pretty much it! I still have lots to do, including putting the buildings on MDF, adding tonnes of rubble and other bits, and figuring out what to do with the remaining bits I have left. Likely, I will use the plethora of half-walls I have left to create a "Plaza" of some sort.

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