Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two more Models Done! (Post updated with actual content!)

Hey Everyone!

This will be an extremely short post. I will elaborate later in the week, but to prove I am not just dilly-dallying around, here are some pictures of my Vindicare Assassin and Jokaero Weaponsmith. Enjoy!

The painting itself took about 9-ish hours total for the two models, so much better than my 11 hr/model average for my Grey Knights, but the Jokaero especially was pretty simple in terms of colour palette and model complexity, so lots of time was saved because of that.

I didn't really keep a record of paint ratios, since it is unlikely I will be painting the same models again anytime soon.

Compared to the Grey Knights, these were a blast to paint. This was mainly due to the aforementioned lack of complexity, and the fact that it was only two models, and both were different. The batch painting method really does save time (and lord knows I need it!) but it creates a less dynamic and exciting painting environment.

I still really struggle with metallic highlighting - I have a plan in place, but then I just go crazy and start adding highlights everywhere. I think before my next round of painting I will look at some tutorials, I haven't done much of that lately and I think it will help. (The metallics may look nicely highlighted in the picture, but that's natural light making my work look better than it is)

That's it for now. Based on my Project list, I should be focusing on my Tyranid Ripper bases next, but I think I caught an Inquisition bug, since I have prepped my 5 Unsanctioned Psyker conversions to be next on the painting table.

More updates soon!


  1. That's some really great work on the fur of the Jokaero...love the assassin too. Lovely work on all the details, like the blade gleam on the leg. That's some great work!

    If I had any suggestion, it would be to add some more colors into the bases, or maybe some yellowish tuff to add a bit of pop to them. Though the bases are done very nicely, they pale a bit in comparison to the beautiful models.

  2. Thanks for the kind words!!

    I am planning on putting some tufts on the bases, and cleaning up the rims also, but have to hard-coat them with some matte varnish first! My bases aren't super showy, I know, I just wanted a bit of flair vs gravel only. Maybe my characters will get better treatment.