Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Alladin's "Step-by-Step" #1: Grey Knight Strike Squad (pt.2)


For part 2 of the step by step, I will be focusing on the golds and main colour (in this case red for generic Strike Squad, blue for Purifiers). As I have not touched a paintbrush in almost a year, my skills need a bit of de-rusting, and my paint times will likely be much longer for each step. Hopefully this is the last time I take such a ridiculously long break from painting.

To start, I am blocking in all the gold trim with a combination of VGC Tinny Tin and Black. Even thigh the surface area is much smaller than the metallics in the first part, there are a lot of small fiddly bits on this kit so painting is much slower, as I spend more time trying to prevent errant brush strokes from ruining previous work. However, with a bit of patience anything is possible. I have outlined the paint ratio below (As before, all paints are from the VGC line unless otherwise specified).

Primary Basecoat/Shadow Areas:
1 : 1 : 2   -   Tinny Tin : Black : Magic Wash

This ratio seems to give nice coverage with one coat, but I did go over a few areas with a second coat if I thought the coverage was lacking. (this can happen when thinning metallics, and also with using a dark primer like I did). See pics below for reference:

This step took 3 hours, 40 minutes over 3 painting sessions. As I said, not a great start.

The next step is to use straight VGC Tinny Tin. This was applied to all areas except where I wanted the darkest "shading" to remain. As before, when painting lighter layers, try and move the brush from the darkest to the lightest parts as this will give you better transition. For this step, don't worry if you "over-lighten," as we can always apply a darkening wash to selected areas at a later step.

Secondary Basecoat:
1 :  1   -   Tinny Tin :  Magic Wash

By now the gold sections should be standing out more from the model, but we have a few more layers to go. See pics for reference:

This step took 2 hours, 10 minutes over 2 painting sessions. Better!

Unfortunately, even with my light box the pictures don't really do the transitions much justice, and truthfully the difference between the two layers is minimal. The next step is to layer on some Brassy Brass, which should really start to make the gold areas "pop."

Total Painting Time for Part 2: 5 hours, 50 minutes over 5 painting sessions. 

Total Painting Time to date: 13 hours, 20 minutes over 11 painting sessions


This concludes part 2 of the tutorial. Depending on my mood, I may take a break from the golds and start blocking in the whites and reds/blues, depending on if they are Strike Squad or Purifier. In fact, I will definitely do this step next as I want to get the rest of the model painted up with the base layers before I spend more time building up the detail layers.

So that's it for now. Still not much to see, but I am really excited to be painting again, and will hopefully have more progress coming up next week!

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